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We target top industrial markets that support growing population centers within the U.S. Within those markets, we buy high quality, flexible, single-tenant buildings with market-appropriate size & amenities and we manage the portfolio for stable long term tenancy and high tenant retention.

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Bay Area, California

Industrial945.2 KSQ FT
Office31.7 KSQ FT

LA / Inland Empire, California

Industrial2.0 MSQ FT
Office205.8 KSQ FT
Specialty146.6 KSQ FT

Phoenix, Arizona

Industrial126.7 KSQ FT
Office957 KSQ FT

Dallas, Texas

Industrial5.5 MSQ FT
Office310 KSQ FT
Specialty129.2 KSQ FT

Houston, Texas

Industrial1.2 MSQ FT
Office345.8 KSQ FT

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Industrial1.4 MSQ FT
Specialty176.7 KSQ FT

Chicago, Illinois

Industrial8.7 MSQ FT
Office199.1 KSQ FT
Specialty22.9 KSQ FT

Indianapolis, Indiana

Industrial4.3 MSQ FT

Cincinnati, Ohio

Industrial1.8 MSQ FT
Specialty127 KSQ FT

Columbus, Ohio

Industrial3.4 MSQ FT
Office315.1 KSQ FT

New York / New Jersey

Industrial350.3 KSQ FT
Office652.7 KSQ FT

Central Pennsylvania

Industrial2.4 MSQ FT
Specialty4.8 KSQ FT

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Industrial1.2 MSQ FT
Office299.8 KSQ FT

Baltimore / Washington, Maryland / Virginia

Industrial3.2 MSQ FT
Office89.9 KSQ FT
Specialty132.5 KSQ FT

Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina

Industrial247.5 KSQ FT
Office264.7 KSQ FT

Charlotte, North Carolina

Industrial1.2 MSQ FT
Office113.6 KSQ FT

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Industrial3.2 MSQ FT

Atlanta, Georgia

Industrial7.5 MSQ FT

South Florida

Industrial2.9 MSQ FT
Office338.3 KSQ FT

Tampa / Orlando, Florida

Industrial1.2 MSQ FT
Office19.2 KSQ FT
Specialty17 KSQ FT

Jacksonville, Florida

Industrial1.8 MSQ FT
Office420.1 KSQ FT
Specialty6.7 KSQ FT

Memphis, Tennessee

Industrial5.2 MSQ FT
Specialty112.1 KSQ FT

Savannah, Georgia

Industrial1.4 MSQ FT
Office21.6 KSQ FT

Charleston, South Carolina

Industrial2.4 MSQ FT